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Resumption of flights & airport information

Consult flight schedule and services for September & October 2020  Read more

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Flight schedule for September and October 2020

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The resumption of flights is intensifying, with optimal health security.

Updated on 01/09/2020 at 11.00 am.

Flight schedule from Montpellier

Flight schedule details are updated in real time on the airport's website as well as on those of the airlines.

For more information about a flight, please contact your airline directly.

For all additional information and real-time recommendations, travellers can consult the following websites:


Shops and services to reopen

Dyneff service station / La Brioche Dorée Snacking: open.

Aéroport Hôtel: open.

Baltona Duty free: open.

Relay Shop and Trib's Bar / Snack (Hall 1 - Departures): open.

Bread & Co Bar / Snack(Hall 2 - Departures): open.

Relay Shop and Bread & Co Bar / Snack (Departure lounges): open.

La Terrasse Bar / Brasserie: closed.

Trib's Shop / Snack (Departure lounges): closed.


Proméo Lounge (Departure lounges): open.


A robust security system

This recovery scheme is carried out in an ultra-safe sanitary environment. The aviation world is used to strict compliance with safety and security standards," says Emmanuel Brehmer. “Like all our partners, we have done our utmost to offer optimal protection to our passengers, employees and partners. As I say again and again: the airport was safe, we have made it even safer".

In close collaboration with the airlines (which require the wearing of masks when boarding), Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport has methodically followed the recommendations of the French Public Health Authorities. In addition to visual messages on site, there are reminders of the well-known barrier gestures through repeated sound messages. The main means used are as follows:
> Wearing of masks inside the terminal and on board.
> Boarding and check-in desks as well as all counters are now equipped with plexiglass walls.
> The passenger route is marked out in order to visualize the rules of social distancing (ground markings at check-in and in the Post Screening area, closure of seats in the boarding lounge, etc.).
> Limitation to one person per 4m² (with armed surveillance of Hall 2 if necessary)
> Reinforcement of disinfection measures and use of specific virucidal products
> Installation of automatic hydroalcoholic gel dispensers at 15 strategic points in the airport.
> Equipment for all exposed personnel (masks, gloves as well as overalls for firefighters)
> Reinforcement of the control of thermal air treatment equipment, increase of air renewal flows and shutdown of air conditioning.
> Pre-checking for the presence of legionella in hot water installations
> Purging of the cold-water system
> Allocation of 2 pre-boarding rooms for 1 single flight in order to guarantee the rules of social distancing


To & from the airport


Changing or postponing your travel

Should they wish to change, postpone or cancel a travel booked through an airline, passengers are advised to contact their airline

Should they wish to change, postpone or cancel a travel booked through the website of Montpellier Airport (with reservation number only), passengers are advised to contact our partners directly: 

For a flight booking (Company H24): 

For a flight booking + hotel (Go Travel Company): 

For a hotel reservation (Société Booking): 

For a rental car reservation (Rental Car Company): 

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