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Montpellier - Oujda with ASL Airlines

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A new destination to Morocco: opening of the Montpellier/Oujda route with ASL Airlines

A new destination operated by a new airline in Montpellier: from 13th June, the opening of a service to and from Oujda with one flight per week every Wednesday.

ASL Airlines, formerly known as Europe Airpost, will operate between Montpellier and Oujda from 13 June to 12 September, to become the 5th Moroccan city to be served from Montpellier Méditerranée.
The aircraft scheduled for this new service will be based in Paris Charles de Gaulle and will enable ASL Airlines to market trips from Paris CDG – Montpellier, and Montpellier - Paris CDG in addition to Montpellier – Oujda, and Oujda - Montpellier. Flights will be operated in Boeing B737-700 aircraft with 147 single-class seats, with seats on sale today from 129€ one-way for Montpellier - Oujda and 57€ one-way for Montpellier - Paris CDG, and 23kg of luggage included.

Oujda, border town, millennial city 

Oujda today has more than 500,000 inhabitants. This Moroccan border town is located in the far north-east of the country, on the border of the Eastern Rif region. Thanks to its proximity to the port of Nador and Algeria (5 km away) it acts as a crossroads between the two countries. The medina of Oujda, with its magnificent Arab-Muslim charm, dates from the year 996, close to when Montpellier was created (985). The medina is rich in monuments of great historical value. Not far away, Lalla Aïcha Park covers an area of about 20 hectares. Created in 1935, it is a place of relaxation and hosts a museum. The city of Oujda is one of the most traditional cities in Morocco. It should be noted that remains of primitive human activity can be found in the surrounding caves (flint, spikes, etc.). Specimens of stone age activities were collected around Oujda before the arrival of the Romans.

About ASL Airlines

ASL Airlines France is a French airline, member of the international group ASL Aviation Holdings. For almost 20 years now, it has been operating passenger flights for the main French and European tour operators. The company has also developed a network of regular routes from France, enabling it to offer individual customers quality service at attractive fares and on new routes. It also operates passenger flights on demand: VIP flights, incentive flights, company shuttles. It has a fleet of 15 aircraft and carried nearly 620,000 passengers in 2016.

> More information about Oujda

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