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If you decide to fly with your pet, the trip must be carefully prepared. Here are some tips that will allow your pet to travel in the best conditions.

in the cabin or in the hold?

In the cabin

In the hold

Above the maximum weight allowed in the cabin, your pet must travel in the hold.

Anticipate before you travel

When purchasing your ticket, remember to tell your airline or travel agency that you will be travelling with your pet. Some airlines limit the number of animals allowed on a flight.


For your pet's comfort during the journey, the transport cage must be ventilated and allow enough space for your pet to turn around.

Practical information

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs (guide dogs for persons with motor or sensory disabilities) may be accepted in the cabin. As from 26 July 2008, assistance dogs must be accepted in the cabin from European Union airports and from third countries to the EU, provided the carrier is a European Community carrier.

Other pets

If you wish to travel with small birds (parakeets, canaries...) we encourage you to contact your company directly.
Moreover, small rodents (hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.) are generally not allowed on board.

Flights with stopovers

Travel outside France

Ask the consulate of the destination country about the documents necessary for your pet to enter the country (vaccinations, special certificate, and any quarantines or restrictions).

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