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Prior approval must be granted by the aerodrome operator and the air navigation service for training in any aircraft that is not based at Montpellier Méditerranée Airport.

Training Proceedings


Training on flight circuits and instrument approach procedures are:

Training on runway 12L must maintain a minimum altitude of 1000 ft on the downwind leg.

At take-off from runway 30R for flight circuit training, the initial turn must be at 1.4 NM / FJR to join the right hand downwind leg.

Training in non-based aircraft is subject to a training application submitted online, with a minimum notice of 48 hours, addressed to the aerodrome operator. This request must list the type of aircraft, its acoustic group, the nature of training, the times and duration.

Operatiing Control Station
Montpellier Mediterranean Airport
CS 10001
Fax: +33 4 67 20 03 72
Sitatex: MPLAPXH


Handling agreement compulsory for more than 6t aircrafts.  


Training flight application form

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