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3 new routes to Algeria

Transavia confirms its ambitions in Montpellier with 3 new routes to Algeria, including an exclusive one!

At the end of 2019, Transavia unveiled its first destinations from its new base at Montpellier-Mediterranean airport. For summer 2020, Air France's low-cost subsidiary today announces  3 new destinations to Algeria from its Hérault base. This will increase travel opportunities between the South of France and the Mediterranean basin!


In 2020, Transavia continues its development from Montpellier

Last December, Transavia unveiled 17 new destinations from its new base in Montpellier, with the stated aim of developing a quality low-cost offer and providing passengers with a wide choice of exclusive destinations

Today the company announces 3 new destinations to Algeria, its 9th country served from Montpellier: 

  • Algiers: 2 flights per week, from €44 (incl. tax) one way, from July 8, 2020
  • Constantine: 2 flights per week, from 44€ (incl. tax) one way, from July 11th 2020 – exclusively 
  • Oran: 2 flights per week, from 44€ (incl. tax) one way, from July 6th 2020


With these 3 new routes, Transavia aims to develop opportunities for exchanges and travel to Algeria from the Montpellier region. Note that the Montpellier - Constantine route will be operated exclusively! These new destinations will bring the total number of destinations offered by Transavia from Montpellier to 21, including 17 exclusive destinations. 

Tickets are available for sale from 19 February 2020 on www.transavia.com.  


Nicolas Hénin, Deputy Managing Director for Sales and Marketing for Transavia France, said: "We were given an extraordinary welcome in Montpellier when we arrived in December, and we are very pleased to be able to offer new travel opportunities, while promoting exchanges and family reunions: Algiers, Constantine and Oranare destinations in great demand by the inhabitants of the Montpellier region, who will now be able to benefit from a quality low-cost offer from their local airport". 

Emmanuel Brehmer, Chairman of the Management Board of Montpellier Airport, added: "We are very proud of the trust Transavia has placed in Montpellier Méditerranée Airport and its region. The promise of the 20 new destinations made at the end of 2019 has been fulfilled and is now known in detail. These 3 new air routes to Algeria confirm and complete the opening towards the Mediterranean basin, and meet all travel requirements: tourist, family, amongst friends, and for business. We repeat our message to the inhabitants of the region: leave from as close as possible to home, leave from home! More than ever, Montpellier Méditerranée is your airport ".


Algiers "The White City", between sea and desert 

Algiers is the country's largest city, a tumultuous and dynamic capital that shines with a thousand-year-old culture. The alleys of the casbah, the historic district including the old city registered with UNESCO and restored by Jean Nouvel, the Bab El Oued district or the Marty Memorial will stir lovers of architectural treasures. Relaxation lovers will be able to enjoy the gentle coastline on Ain Taya beach.

Transavia will serve Algiers from Montpellier from July 8, 2020, with 2 flights per week (Wednesday and Saturday), from 44€ (incl. tax) one way.


Constantine, city of suspension bridges

In the north-east of the country, symbol of Arab-Andalusian culture and Iberian heritage, Constantine is one of the oldest cities in the world. Surrounded by the Rhummel gorges, its medina is linked to the wider conurbation by 4 suspension bridges, which make the city a true gem. Constantine is also a cultural and architectural centre, with old mosques and colonial residences with red-tiled rooves.

Transavia will serve Constantine from 11 July 2020 from Montpellier and exclusively, with 2 flights per week (Tuesday and Saturday), from 44€ incl. tax one way.


Oran, a key destination in the heart of the Mediterranean basin 

Second largest city of the country, also nicknamed "The Radiant", Oran is a port with a Mediterranean climate and rich history, where chapels, mosques and basilicas live side by side. Oran is also home to fine sandy beaches and the Habibas Islands, an isolated spot classified as a maritime nature reserve, which offers a complete change of scenery.

Transavia will serve Oran from 6 July 2020 from Montpellier, with 2 flights per week (Monday and Friday), from 44€ (incl. tax) one way.



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