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New facilities at Montpellier airport

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Opening on 26 April 2019 of the new facilities at Montpellier airport

The modernization and extension of the infrastructure of Montpellier Méditerranée Airport are now a reality. Commissioning began early in the morning of Friday, April 26. The course is set on new growth.

On Friday 26 April just before 6 a.m., the first users of the new Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport (AMM) customer route were passengers of the Air France Shuttle flight to Paris Orly. By 4:45 am, AMM staff and those of partner companies were all set to operate the brand new facilities.

The ground floor of this new building, named "Hall 2" (the old terminal becoming "Hall 1") will be dedicated to check-in operations. On the first floor, new pre-boarding rooms, workspaces and relaxation areas are now installed. A new commercial area of more than 1000 m² has been created. Thus, a duty-free space has been moved, enlarged and embellished (for an investment of 800,000 euros), all created and operated by Baltona. A catering area under the Bread & Co brand and the new Relay boutique called for an investment of 600,000 euros from the Lagardère Group.

Of particular note is the creation of a permanent showroom dedicated to the France 2 series, shot in Montpellier and its region, "Un si grand Soleil". Finally, in partnership with the region's public tourism organizations, there is now a kiosk equipped with Oculus helmets where you can watch virtual reality films highlighting the richness of our sites, inspiring travellers to return to our territory....

With the construction of this new building a new hold baggage handling system has been installed, at the cutting edge of technology, with the latest security regulations. The investment amounts to €15.5 million (€14.2 million for the new building and baggage handling system, plus a budget of €1.3 million for outdoor facilities). This investment is fully supported by SA AMM. These various projects will have mobilized no less than 40 companies and 330 employees.

These facilities will be inaugurated on May 7, 2019 in the presence of several hundred guests. It is a crucial stage in the life of Montpellier-Méditerranée Airport, the historic terminal building dating back to 1977 and its expansion to 1990. AMM is now able to accommodate an additional half a million passengers.

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