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Strasbourg, city of art and history

Strasbourg has many faces, with its traditions, its old quarters, its famous cathedral and its gastronomy.

2 Montpellier - Strasbourg flights a week

From 31/10/2021 To 26/03/2022

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From 28/03/2021 To 30/10/2021

flights MONTPELLIER (MPL) > Strasbourg (SXB)

2 flights a week

From 30/04/2020 To 30/10/2021

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Discover Strasbourg

Strasbourg, in the heart of Alsace and at the centre of Europe, has extensive port facilities on the Rhine, Europe’s most important navigable waterway and the world’s top river for commerce.

Strasbourg’s entire town centre has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage: visitors are enchanted by its well-preserved historical richness, guaranteeing tourist attraction and interest. The cathedral, in pink Vosges sandstone, stands as the undisputed emblem of the city.

The famous Christmas market, marking out every winter since 1570, attracts lots of visitors, drawn by the warm, friendly atmosphere and the magical illuminations that reign over the entire city.

Those who enjoy good food are well catered for: the restaurant sector is highly developed in Strasbourg, particularly in the town centre. All types of restaurant can be found, from the modest “winstubs” where you can sample the tasty specialities of Alsace, to prestigious three-star establishments.

By virtue of its geographical location, Strasbourg has always been a crossing point for people and goods. Today, with its multitude of attractive boutiques and department stores and a centre that is easy to access, the city clearly ranks as the biggest commercial hub in Eastern France. Not forgetting its role as the headquarters of European Institutions.

Sites and monuments

  • The Cathedral and square.
  • The Astronomical Clock.
  • The Palais Rohan and museums.
  • The Place du Château and the Tomi Ungerer Center.
  • Cagliostro House.
  • Kammerzell House.
  • The old Customs House.
  • St. Thomas Church.
  • The Covered bridges.
  • Vauban dam.
  • The old Commandery.
  • The Church of Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux.
  • The Palace of Europe.
  • The European Parliament.
  • The Louise Weiss building.
  • The European Court of Human Rights.
  • The Parc de l'Orangerie.
  • The Place de la Republique.
  • The Imperial Palace.
  • The National University Library.
  • Strasbourg National Theatre.
  • University Palace.


  • The Oeuvre Notre-Dame Museum.
  • Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.
  • The Alsatian Museum.
  • Mars : Printemps des Bretelles (Accordion Festival)
  • Avril : Festival of Artefacts
  • Juin : International Music Festival (classical music)
  • Septembre-Octobre : Musica (festival of contemporary music)
  • Novembre : Jazz d'Or
  • Décembre : Christmas market
  • Visit the gingerbread museum: Learn about the history of this specialty inside a house that looks just like the famous Alsatian dessert!
  • Have a meal on the Orient Express: If you can’t travel on it, thanks to Les Secrets des Grands Express restaurant you can eat in an identical setting in the train wagon restaurant of the mythical 1928 train.
  • Take a stroll around the beer village:  Alsatian beer, Belgian beer, international beer, whatever your taste, there’ll be something for you in this specialist craft beer shop!


  • Baeckeoffe : Pommes de terre mijoté dans le vin blanc d’Alsace. associé au porc, bœuf ou mouton.
  • Choucroute : Spécialité Alsacienne de choux rapés.
  • Flammekueche : Fine pâte recouverte de crème, oignons et de lardons.
  • Fleischschneke : Viande placé sur une pâte à nouille, également nommé « escargots de viande »
  • Knack : saucisse de porc.
  • Lewerknepfle : Quenelles de foie.
  • Matelote : Plat de darnes de différents poissons accompagné d’une sauce crème.
  • Coq au Riesling : Coq flambé au cognac.
  • Tourte de la valée de munster : Collet de porc, pain sec trempé et champignons.
  • Wädele : jambonneau ou jarret de porc servi avec de la choucroute.


  • Munster : Fromage de lait de vache à pâte molle.
  • Bibeleskäs : Fromage blanc non battu.


  • Bredele : Petit gâteaux Alsacien.
  • Kougelhopf : gâteau à la pâte briochée aux raisins et amandes.
  • Le pain d’épice.


  • Vin d’alsace.
  • Bière d’Alsace « Elssabier ».

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